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THE AMAZONOMACHY-Physical Exploration Workshop
Written & Directed by Danielle LaRose

Presented by The Tiger's Hearts Collective

Film produced by Kaleigh Richards, Shawn Tse, and Fallout Media

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Image Design by Lola Sanchez


From the sparkling bay of Themyscira, to the jagged teeth of the Caucasus mountains, these lands are home to the Amazons; a society of fierce-hearted warrior women who live freely beyond the grip of the patriarchal Greek world- that is, until now. As the dust settles and the sun sets over the battlefield, the Amazons must regroup if they're to rescue their beloved sister Antiope from her Athenian captors.

The Amazonomachy is a brand-new classical play that explores a vibrant matriarchal society inspired by both ancient myth and real-life warrior women. Written and directed by settler/Métis artist Danielle LaRose, this piece reclaims and reinvents "the classics" to be more accessible, empowering, and inclusive.

After a sold-out reading this summer at pêhonân (Edmonton Fringe Festival's first all-Indigenous venue), The Tiger's Hearts Collective were able to hold a six-day in-person workshop to explore the physical world of these passionate and powerful women. We were thrilled to be able to share that continuing work with audiences over a limited digital run which appeared on FringeTV from February 10th-13th, 2022.

We're proud to have been able to donate all box office proceeds from this digital showing to our friends at WIN House.

The Amazonomachy, A Workshop Sharing

Photos by Steinhauer Photography

The Company


Lebogang Disele- Hippolyta

Laura Raboud- Atalanta/Theseus

Jaimi Reese- Melanippe

Sam Jeffery- Penthesilea/Scythian Captain

Priya Narine- Phoebe/Second Scythian

Amena Shehab- Antiope/First Scythian


Danielle LaRose- Playwright/Director

Reneltta Arluk- Playwrighting Mentor

Valerie Planche- Directing Mentor

Jordan Campion- Apprentice Director & Stage Manager

Brann Munro- Production Assistant & Set Design

Lola Sanchez- Make-Up & Costume Designer

Elizabeth Grierson- Costume Construction

Sam Jeffery- Intimacy Director

Corina Dransutavicius- Fight Director

Priya Narine- Fight Captain


Kaleigh Richards- Director of Photography

Shawn Tse- Cinematographer & Editor

Jordan Tate- Second Camera 

Adam Bucyk- Fringe Theatre Technician

Special Thanks to:


Fallout Media

The Edmonton Arts Council
Alberta Playwrights Network

Natalie Pepin & Meeting My Ancestors
Fringe Theatre Adventures

The Grindstone Theatre

Steinhauer Photography

Souad Shehab

Naomi Jichita- Consulting Artist

Jesse Del Fiero- Consulting Artist


Listen to playwright Danielle LaRose chat about all things Amazon with Canadian classics lover Liv Albert on her podcast, Let's Talk About Myths, Baby!

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