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A Workshop Sharing in support of WIN House

The amazonomachy Final.jpg

WHERE: Online via FringeTV

WHEN: Thursday February 10th- Sunday February 13th

TICKETS: Tickets for this event are Pay-What-You-Will and can be purchased online HERE. All proceeds from this event will be donated to WIN House. 

ADVISORIES: Staged depictions of mild violence, suggestions of violence towards women, depictions of racist and misogynist language


From the sparkling turquoise bay of Themyscira, to the jagged teeth of the Caucasus mountains, and all the wide-skied plains between. These lands are home to the Amazons; a society of fierce-hearted warrior women who live freely beyond the grip of the patriarchal Greek world- that is, until now.

Check out more details, including photos, trailers and more on our Amazonomachy- Workshop page!

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